Five years ago I started out as a children’s book author and then expanded to poetry. Please take a look at my work:



In my fifth volume of poetry, I open my heart to love’s glittering highs and its darker lows. In an honest look at life, Searching is a collection of a soul looking for love and peace, and finding it in unexpected places. With gentle precision, my poems both ache with longing and swell with grace and gratitude. Searching is a perfect collection for a Sunday afternoon.


There are lots of ways to write poetry. I choose to write from an outsider’s observation of myself and the world around me. Thoughts that are useless one moment might bring meaning into the next. I write for me and you the reader. Straight forward poems that leave room for your own interpretation!

Something About Me

Just like life itself, poems spontaneously happen. Our thoughts can be quite random, but once in a while they hold enough meaning to share. This collection of poems happens to be worth sharing.

Just a Thought

Just A Thought contains poems derived from everyday life with the emotion attached. Over a year in the making, these poems are not abstract or difficult to understand. The language is clear and the message is purposeful and impactful.


From Me to You

These poems are heart felt and real. They’re not abstract, but instead straight forward and honest. You may find yourself relating. From love to loss. From despair to hope. A little of everything.


Children’s Books

The Visiting Cat

You might think that cats like to laze around all day, with nothing to do and no one to see, but then again, most cats are not like Ally. She is the kindest cat in the world, and with that title, this cat is anything but lazy! She has places to go and people to see. But this cat has a secret. Ally, our lovable heroine, is homeless. And when she gets sick, it’s up to her friends around town to find her the purrfect human to take care of her just as she takes care of so many. In this heartwarming tale about friendship and loyalty, we learn the power of kindness and the meaning of home.

The Animals And The Mirror

Scientists set out to do a simple experiment using a few mirrors and animals from around the world. They discovered a lot more than they expected! The animals’ behavior changed in such an unusual way and it left most of the animals questioning: “Why do we need this mirror anyway?” The animals learned that a mirror never reflects the beauty found inside each and every one of them. The journey through the experiment certainly proved that a mirror is just that – only a mirror!

Arty The Artist

Arty, an imaginative young boy, sets off on an exploration of world famous artists from the past. After learning about their lives and impact on the world of art, Arty chooses a well-known piece from each artist to recreate. In this fun tale, Arty learns what it means to be an original and the importance of doing things in your own unique way.

Wendy The Weed

Everyone views Wendy as a plain green plant whose beauty pales in comparison to the pretty   plants surrounding her. Although little attention is paid to Wendy, she continues to remain kind to everyone she comes in contact with. One day, harsh weather teaches them all a valuable lesson and they learn that strength isn’t about beauty, but is actually rooted in character. Everyone realizes that Wendy’s true beauty comes from deep within, and that she’s unique in her own special way.



Cozy & Zeno

Despite the odds, a playful kitten named Cozy and an adventurous mouse named Zeno are best friends in this fun-filled story. When the Lady of the house locks Zeno outside, the cat and mouse families must band together to rescue him! Through teamwork and kindness, the unlikely families build strong, lasting friendships. This delightful tale shows young readers the importance of looking past differences to live in harmony with those around us.



Dorothea The Dog Rescuer

Dorothea’s birthday wish comes true when her parents give her a cuddly new puppy. By learning how to train her puppy, Dorothea finds ways to rescue the stray dogs in her neighborhood. With a heart full of loving kindness, Dorothea fosters these homeless dogs back to health and happiness, and helps them find forever homes. This heartwarming tale shows young readers the value of taking care of our furry friends.



Farah Wants To Fly

Farah is an adventurous young chick who dreams of soaring like an eagle. Despite being told it’s impossible, Farah is determined to find a way to fly high. Farah befriends the very eagle she admires, and the two work together to try and make Farah’s dream come true. This lighthearted tale urges young readers not to give up on their dreams, regardless of how lofty they may seem!



Mory The Mouse

Mory is a fun-loving mouse who enjoys playing practical jokes. One day, his pranks get him in to trouble and he is sent off to visit his grandfather. Mory learns a valuable lesson about not hurting other people’s feelings. Determined to bring laughter and smiles to the farm animals without making anyone feel bad, Mory finds new ways to entertain and help others have a good time.



My First Fish

Brenda longs to go fishing and catch her very first fish, but she can’t stand the thought of hurting an innocent earth worm! Brenda meets an informative little worm named Poncho, who teaches her all about fishing. They set out to hook a fish, and along the way they learn about the importance of spending quality time with those that you care about.



Pauley’s Piano

Pauley is a kind boy with a love for playing the piano. When he goes to work in his dad’s auto shop to pay for his piano lessons, Pauley soon realizes that he enjoys fixing things as well. Although he is at first torn between his two interests, Pauley learns that it is possible to be good at more than one thing. Pauley happily shares his talents with family, friends, and neighbors, much to their delight. This story encourages young readers to pursue their interests—no matter how different—and discover their hidden talents!



Rupert’s Happy Home

Rupert is a tadpole who transforms into a young frog. Follow along as he explores the world around him, meeting new friends and escaping from danger. During his adventures, Rupert learns important lessons about helping others, staying away from strangers, and telling the truth. Above all, Rupert and his brothers and sisters find out about the wonderful home and many friends they have surrounding them.


Safety Squirrel

Safety Squirrel lives up to his name! Safety goes about his days seeking ways to prevent accidents and help others in need. With daring rescue missions, thoughtful problem-solving, and creative inventions, Safety is the leader in prevention and protection. At first his friends poke fun at him, but they soon become thankful for Safety’s kindness and awareness.



Sidney The Songbird

Blessed with an amazing musical talent that he keeps hidden, Sidney spends his days at the pet shop listening to all the other birds squawking off-key. One day, Sidney grows brave enough to sing out loud, and he gains the attention and respect of his fellow birds. Sidney becomes their leader, teaching the others about music and melody. The birds all work hard to sing together in perfect harmony, bringing joyful music to the store owner and customers alike!



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