leozarkoAuthor Leo Zarko has always been somewhat of a dreamer with a vivid imagination. He had a rough childhood and obtained bad grades in school, which led to a blue collar lifestyle that was quite stressful. Overall, Leo persevered and found his talents, then pursued them with a passion. His interest in art, music, and anything mechanical created positive outlets in his life.

When his children were young, Leo discovered a creative niche telling bedtime stories. As his kids grew, so did the characters. Several years ago, Leo followed a new dream of putting all those bedtime stories into print. He has written many children’s books that reflect positive morals and ethics, and encourage young readers to be considerate and kind. Leo’s desire is to see kids dream big and succeed in life. His recent children’s and poetry books can be found on Amazon.

“God has given me a talent and I want to use it to the fullest, as we all should!”

—Leo Zarko

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